Sissies and Sports

We have house guests this week which will put a little crimp in our regular lifestyle.  Diane will still hold be responsible for the household chores, but i just won't be able to do them while dressed, nor will i be dressed in feminine attire at home. 

i'm also going to be playing several rounds of golf with one of the guests..  It's a sport that i enjoy very much even though i don't play as often as i should (i'd love to play every day!).  The weather is warm enough for shorts so my guests will get a chance to see my smooth legs.  That used to make me self conscious, even though no one ever said anything to me.  i'm more comfortable with it now and it doesn't even bother me.

i do wish i could express my feminine self a little more when playing golf.  i think female athletes who go out of their way to dress more feminine are so attractive, sexy and sensual. 

Golf is one of those sports where the women often do that.  Makeup is applied perfectly, ribbons in the hair, short skirts, pink anklet socks, etc....all things a sissy loves to gaze at!

i'd love to play a round looking like this.  It might even lead to my lowest score ever!  Unfortunately i can't.  i'll be stuck wearing some boring shorts and probably a pastel colored shirt.

At least i can play with some pink tees.  Think anyone will notice?


sissy terri