My Bad!

So sorry about the messed-up format in yesterday's post.  A paragraph that was supposed to be somewhere in the middle of the post ended up at the very beginning.  It was also truncated with the final sentence staying where it was supposed to be.  i don't know why it happened other than to tell you my editing skills are very poor!  So please accept my apologies.

On a more pleasant note, Valentine's day is just a couple of days away and it's a perfect opportunity for sissies to do some shopping for their wives and for themselves.  You're less likely to get suspicious looks from the sales girls...lol.  My own experience over the years is they can usually tell anyway who the men are that are shopping for their own pleasure :)  i'll write more about that topic later.

Now that Diane has a regular lover in Paul, i find the idea of buying her sexy lingerie even more exciting.  Knowing that i'll be buying her beautiful lingerie that She might wear for Her lover is very erotic.  Here's something from Agent Provocateur that Diane would look lovely in and would probably excite Paul at the same time:

i can just hear Diane telling Paul "My husband bought these for me for Valentine's Day, but I'm wearing them for You!"

It's a gift that would probably make all three of us happy, but in very different ways.


sissy terri