Fantasy to Reality

By yesterday afternoon all of our house guests had left and i was finally able to get back to being me feminine self around the house.  Our decision not to openly flaunt our lifestyle is a good one in my opinion.  So far, only Diane's friend Linda knows about it and i've accepted that.  i can't think of any friends we have who we'd be willing to share this with. 

It was a long twelve days for me, made longer by Diane telling me that She no longer wants me to see men and the fact that with guests around, we really couldn't discuss it.  Comments left here seem to overwhelmingly agree with Diane's decision.  As the Dominant partner in our marriage, She has the right to make that decision.  That's the bottom line. 

Last night we spoke about it but only briefly.   "Isn't this the type of control you always wanted me to have?" She asked me.  She was right.  "What good is having the control if I don't exert it?" was Her next question.  She was right again.

my readers are correct when they say "be careful what you wish for."  As a submissive male, i've spent much of my life fantasizing and dreaming about living as a full time submissive.  When we started acting on these fantasies it was more fun than anything else.  Years later, it's not fun or a game anymore.  It's real and it's our lifestyle. 

The situation i find myself in is a little scary in some ways.  Diane's dominance and control over me has continually increased.  How much further can it go?  i expressed this concern to Her last night and She just shrugged it off telling me not to worry.  "Don't be silly" She said, "I'm happier than I've ever been."

It was also difficult to tell Howard that i wouldn't be meeting with him.  He seemed like the Dominant man who could fulfill some of my fantasies.  i felt that i'd wasted much of his time and was now backing out.  i wasn't going to tell him the real reason we wouldn't be meeting but decided that honesty was the best policy.   When I told him that "Diane wouldn't let me" meet with him, he was surprised at first, then fascinated by our dynamic.  He also told me i was a very lucky submissive.

i have to agree that in many ways i am. 


sissy terri