Happy Valentine's Day!

i want to wish all my followers, readers, sissies and their admirers a Happy Valentine's Day today.

My own Valentine's Day was made very special today by three different people.  How lucky can a married sissy be?

First, Diane got me this beautiful card.....

 Need i say more?  Along with what She wrote inside, it brought tears to my eyes!

Next, i also got an email response from Howard, the man i met for breakfast a couple of times but never moved forward to meeting with him.  His note put me at ease a little about my initial concerns.  He can't meet for two weeks because he and his wife are going on a vacation.  But when he returns, she leaves on a business trip that will leave him free.  He'd like to meet then!

What really interested me about his note and helped relax me a little bit was the following:   "...I really enjoyed you when me met, both as a person and a potential submissive.  Don't worry.  I'm a patient Dominant, and your training will take time and progress in due course...."

I feel nervous and excited at the same time!

Lastly, i got an email from Jake wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day.  He hinted at getting together next week.  i knew his interest would come back.  i haven't responded to him yet.  i have to find the right words to tell him that it wasn't working the way i wanted it to between us. 

It was nice that he wrote.  i did feel flattered that he thought of me on Valentine's Day!


sissy terri