Feeling Like A Woman

Both of us have been pretty busy.  Work and family do that do you right?  It hasn't stopped Diane from staying in touch with her lover Brian every day.  i also do my best to email Jake.  It feels very strange, both of us going about setting up our next dates with our boyfriends.  Diane's take precedence of course, and i always have to ask Her permission before i can meet with Jake.  She's never said no to my requests, and doubt She would have reason to.

Last night, after a weekend spent with family, i asked Diane if She was "falling in love" with Brian.  i've been holding back on asking Her that, despite Her repeated assurances that this whole thing was going to be just about sex.  i still have insecurities and i sometimes see subtle changes in how She acts, and particularly in how She views sex with me. 

Our sex has a little more of an edge to it.  She's more controlling, demanding and in subtle ways, quick to point out the differences between me and Brian.  She's touched on my passivity as opposed to his aggression, my strong desire to please as opposed to his demand to be pleasured.  Some of the things Diane says or does are hard to specify, but just add to a different atmosphere She's creating and seems to enjoy.

Last night Diane initially ignored my question about whether She was falling in love with Brian.  Instead, She said to me "You know, sexually, I'm very similar to Brian."

"How's that?" i asked.

"Well, we both know how to make someone feel like a woman" She answered. 

The comment hurt at first.  Then She put her arms around me from behind, kissed my neck and whispered "Well?  Don't we?"

i know Diane does, and i'll have to take Her word for it about Brian.  From all indications, he does too.