i Know i'm a sissy

 i know i'm a sissy.  That's very clear to me.  What about you?  Are you uncertain? Confused?  Or maybe you're just not ready to admit it?

i don't believe there's a Domme on this planet that understands sissies better than Mistress Milliscent.  The latest posting on her blog "You Might Be.....sissy humor" proves my point.  As a sissy, i can only describe it as a work of genius.

It's a list of 68 statements (sissies don't get to enjoy "69" after all, unless it's with each other) that will send any sissy with a pulse into a submissive and feminine swoon.  Each statement helps you discover your true self.

Here's an example: You might be a sissy if your own collection of high heels puts most women's to shame.

i don't own such a large collection, but i hope to someday.

i don't think there's any specific number of statements you have to identify with to qualify as a full-fledged sissy.  Personally, i think only one would suffice.   There's no doubt i qualify.

Thank you Mistress Milliscent.


sissy terri