Meeting our Sexual Needs

i was away most of the week on a consulting assignment and didn't have much time to blog, or much to blog about for that matter.  i did spend some time posting some photos on my tumblr page, something i find allows me to express myself in a different way than how i do here.

Diane hasn't seen Brian in two weeks and their schedules won't allow them to be together for probably another two weeks.  It might be the longest they've been apart since they started their affair.  i wondered this week if this extended period apart might cause a decline in their desire to be together.  That question was answered when i got home last night from the airport and the two of them were talking on the phone, Diane all smiles and seemingly in the middle of at least an R-rated discussion with Brian from the look in her eyes.

After her phone conversation we sat down together and caught up on the past week.  Even though i talked to Her every day while i was away, there were a few things to talk about.  We decided against going out to dinner and She suggested that i immediately get into my femme mode, put on my apron and prepare dinner.

Dinner was delayed.  When i was upstairs changing, Diane came up and decided dinner could wait.  In bra and panties, i had what you could call an excellent appetizer as i pleasured Her with my lips and tongue.  There was no taste or smell of Brian, only Diane.  And it was lovely.  Her desires were pent up from a lack of attention this week and she came quickly and powerfully.  More than once.

"Your turn" she said after recovering from her last orgasm.  "Go get the strap-on and stuff."  i did as i was told and soon found myself in the position She wanted, on my knees with my butt up in the air on the bed.  Diane toyed with me, longer than usual, teasing me as She entered me very slowly.  It wasn't a "let's get this over with" type of lovemaking at all.  With Her hands on my hips She skillfully made love to me, trying to satisfy me like a man does a woman.

As Her pace picked up, She turned on the vibrating option on her Feeldoe (a beautiful invention by the way).  Not long after, i had a wonderful orgasm and i thought Diane did also, the vibration of Her strap-on getting Her off and making Her "do me" harder.  It was beautiful.

Later, as She watched some cable news show while i finished dinner in my apron, i just basked in one of the most feminine moods i've felt in quite some time.  Like a wife who had just taken care of her spouse's needs, and had her own met at the same time. 

Diane's desires last night were well-timed.  This morning when i got up just a few minutes after Diane did, i saw the tampons and pads out on the bathroom vanity.  A not-so-subtle reminder that i was to start my period today.