An Anxious Sissy Cuckold

i'm anxious about what's going to take place this week.  My last few posts have been about various sissy and feminine things and i've avoided the topic of my cuckolding.  It's the elephant in the room sort of thing and i really didn't want to talk about it.

This week, Brian is going to be coming into town for not just one, but two nights.  He called Diane yesterday with the news and they spent nearly an hour on the phone.  It was a conversation that took place with Diane moving around the house while talking, making sure She wasn't within hearing distance when there were things She didn't want me to hear.

Towards the end of the conversation, Diane motioned for me to come kneel next to her.  She sat on the loveseat in our living room and removed her shoes and pointed for me to massage her feet while She talked with Brian.  When I had massaged both of them, i began to kiss them.  She didn't have to tell me.  i knew it was what She wanted.

i listened humiliatingly to Her side of the conversation.  The continuous referrals to me with the use of feminine pronouns and Diane telling Brian that i was prepared to be a very good cuckold.  "Of course she's nervous, but I think you're more nervous than she is" Diane told him.  The whole conversation, scene and setting made me realize just how far both of us had gone; Diane with Her Dominance and i with my submission.

Diane's always told me that i could back out if i wanted to.  After She hung up the phone, She looked at me and said "So, are you ready?"  i hesitated a bit and finally told Her i was.

"You're probably more ready than Brian is" She said, with a hint of annoyance in Her tone.

Brian is here Wednesday and Thursday night.  In some ways, i wish it was tonight.  The wait and anxiety is getting to me.