The Cuckold Night Finally Arrives - i Think

Tonight's the night, or at least I think it is going to be.  If it is at all possible, Brian is just as nervous or maybe even more so than i am.  That's according to Diane.  When She called me this morning to update me, i just had to ask Her if She was just saying that to help calm me down.  She swears She's telling me the truth, even saying that he's so nervous She hopes he's still able to "perform" tonight.

i've gone over things with Diane numerous times and i'm prepared as can be for tonight.  The plan is for Diane to get here with Brian between 5:30 and 6:00 PM.  She wants to relax a bit and just spend some time talking and breaking the ice.  i've met Brian before, but so very far removed from these current circumstances that i don't think our previous interactions help at all.

Diane's tasked me with doing my utmost best to make Brian feel as comfortable as possible.  i'm supposed to do this without any overt references to cuckolding but to make him feel like i am totally accepting of his making love to my wife.  She'll be able to take it from there.  i'll serve them drinks and Diane will tell me to join them while we talk.  At the right time, She's going to dismiss me and eventually they will find their way upstairs.

A couple of things are still very much "up in the air."  The first is how i'm to be dressed when they get here.  Diane's still undecided but right now, She thinks it might be best that i dress in casual male clothing other than my undergarments.  She'll call me with more specific instructions early enough for me to change if necessary. The other thing that's going to be a spur of the moment call will be my involvement, if any, in whatever intimate time they spend together.  "I'm definitely going to have to play that by ear" Diane said, "depending on how relaxed I can get him."

As for myself, i could definitely use a couple of Valiums!!!