My Cuckold Night

Up until last night, Diane's "affair" with Brian as real as it was, always felt like it was taking place in some type of make believe place.  i knew it was happening and in the most intimate of ways, experienced the unique taste, feel and smell of a woman who has been made love to by another man.  As real as my cuckolding was, the actual act of my wife having sex with another man wasn't taking place when i was under the same roof, or within earshot of the distinct sounds of very passionate lovemaking.

All of that changed last night, and everything happened so much faster than i ever thought it would.  The "ice breaking" time where we would sit and socialize for a little while to relax just whizzed by.  i no sooner had sat down after serving Diane and Brian drinks and appetizers that i was sent upstairs to "take down the bed and put some towels out" by my Wife.   "We may decide to take a shower first, or later" She giggled.  But, i'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here.

Yesterday afternoon, Diane called and told me She enjoyed my blog post.  i know She reads the blog but doesn't always discuss it with me (i am still waiting for Her to post, something She continuously promises She will do), in fact She rarely does.  But yesterday, She thought i should follow the suggestion of one of my readers, Serendipity, who gave her the idea that maybe i should dress in a more subdued feminine manner.  "I like the idea of you in some chic slacks, a blouse and some flats.  Maybe just a hint of makeup and nothing else" She said.  It was more than a suggestion and i didn't have a choice.  "And the undergarments go without saying" She added.

We also discussed dinner and a few other minor details.  i would prepare dinner when they were ready for it.  It could be either before or after they spent some time together.  i had some fish for grilling and a salad would be made.  i also had some stuffed mushrooms as appetizers ready to serve with their drinks when they first arrived.

i wore black ladies slacks that had a zipper up the back.  i have two very similar pairs, one is a size 10 and the other a 12.  i went back and forth on which pair i was going to wear.  i look better in the size 10 but i thought they were a little too tight and made me look more femme.  i originally chose the 12's, but changed at the last minute.  i knew Diane would notice and probably ask me later why i chose my "baggy" slacks.  i wore a white bra, white panties with a touch of lace on the front panel and a pair of taupe colored pantyhose.  A pair of black flats with a silver bow shaped buckle on them finished it off.  Honestly, i initially thought it was a great idea for a more subtle femme appearance and it probably was when you consider this being mine and Brian's first time to meet under these circumstances but as far as i was concerned, i might just as well have been wearing a bouffant gown with layers and layers of petticoats.  That's how femme and sissylike i felt.

Brian arrived with Diane at 5:45 exactly.  i saw the clock when i heard their cars pull into our driveway.  They entered together through the entryway from the garage where Diane parked Her SUV.  The initial greeting wasn't as awkward as i thought but still a little humiliating.  First, Diane said hello and gave me a peck on the cheek and told me i looked very nice.  "You remember Brian" She said as he extended his hand for me to shake.  i said hello and asked how he was doing.  What a stupid question!

Then, Diane shocked me She said "Princess, why don't you get me a glass of wine and ask Brian what he'd like to drink then join us in the living room for cocktails."  She'd sometimes referred to me as "Princess", but only in very intimate moments or when She wanted to tease and embarrass me.  This time, i blushed with embarrassment and Brian seemed to smile a little.  i tried to sort of brush aside the comment and quickly asked him what he would like.  After he said he'd just have a beer if i had one, Diane interjected and said "Go ahead, have a Manhattan and relax."  i don't think he really wanted one, but agreed with Diane's suggestion and off i went to prepare the drinks.

A few minutes later i entered the living room with their drinks, a glass of Chianti for Diane and Brian's Manhattan.  As i served the drinks, Diane looked at me puzzled and said "Uh....did we forget something?"  i thought everything was fine, other than maybe the appetizers which i was planning to bring out next.  i told Diane that i'd get the stuffed mushrooms.  "No.....it's not the mushrooms.  What are we missing?  What do we always wear when serving?" She asked.  i knew the answer and said "You're right.  I'm sorry" i answered and returned to the kitchen.  When i returned with the mushrooms, i was wearing a white bib apron with ruffled trim.  "Much better" Diane smiled.  This time, in addition to his smile, there was a little chuckle from Brian.

To me, the moment when i returned with the apron was the most telling moment of the evening.  My submission to Diane was on full display in front of Brian. She's expressed Her dominance over me on many, many times but none more powerful than this one.  There i stood in stark contrast with the man sitting so close to Her, the man who would make love to Her shortly, and the man who's hand She was holding.  It was like what happened made everything irreversible, exposing me as the submissive cuckold.  Even the lovemaking that took place later didn't have as powerful a message.

i joined them briefly with a glass of wine.  Brian had a few mushrooms and told me they were excellent.  Diane commented on how good a cook i was but didn't have any.  i felt awkward sitting there, still in my apron and almost afraid to take it off.  It wasn't long before Diane said it was probably time for "us to go upstairs" and then saying that She'd let me know if and when they would want dinner.

Soon after i heard the door close upstairs i heard Diane laugh a bit and a few moments later the shower was running.  i envisioned them embracing in the shower and doing what two people who haven't seen each other in awhile would be doing.  i felt like a failure as a man and i know i am.  i'm also embarrassed to say that the thoughts going through my mind turned me on.  Later, i became uncomfortable when i could hear the lovemaking from where i was sitting in the living room.  i turned the television on to watch a basketball game and drown out the sounds from upstairs.

A few hours later, Diane came out of the room and called down to me, saying that She and Brian would probably be coming down to fix some sandwiches in a little while and that i could go to bed if i wanted to.  She did have one request - that i go get Brian's overnight bag in the car, since he had decided to spend the night.  i went outside to get the bag from his car after removing my apron and brought it to her upstairs.  She kissed me good night and said "Thank you, you were fantastic tonight" and went back into our bedroom. 

i went to bed shortly thereafter and heard them go downstairs.  i heard their lovemaking before they fell asleep and again this morning when i was up early. i made coffee and Brian came down first, telling me that Diane wanted him to tell me She'd be going into the office later this morning.  i offered him coffee which he took but didn't want anything for breakfast.  He thanked me for the coffee and after a few awkward moments said "Look i know last night had to be difficult but i just wanted to say thanks."    Was i supposed to say "you're welcome"???  All i could think of was to say "No problem."  With that, he said "Thanks" and a "see you later."

Diane didn't wait long to call me upstairs.  She had me sit on the bed next to Her and thanked me for what i'd done, again telling me how "great" or "fantastic" i was.  We talked and i told Her how Brian didn't seem very anxious or nervous at all in my opinion.  i asked Her if She had just been telling me that to lessen my own anxieties.  She smiled and denied it, saying that he was indeed a little nervous and surprised Her at how well he handled things.

Eventually, i found myself between her legs, where Brian had been probably a half hour ago.  The taste and smell i experienced as i licked Her was as fresh as i've ever experienced.

When i was done, i happened to notice Brian's overnight bag in the corner of the room.  Diane saw me looking at it and said "Oh, I asked him to stay over tonight also.  I think it will be a little less stressful."  As usual, She's probably right.  

i apologize for the long post and hope you didn't get bored.  A blogger who i admire once told me to write a blog for yourself and not for the people who read it.  It's good advice.