Housekeeping Tips For Sissies

Acceptance of one's subservient status in a Female Led Relationship doesn't mean it's the same for everyone.  i'm sure in many successful FLR's, the power dynamic may exist strictly from a sexual perspective, while others are totally different.  My own situation with Diane goes well beyond the sexual aspect.  It covers every part of our lives, even though there are times when it might not seem evident, depending upon who we're with and where we are.  But never are there any indications that i'm the one in charge.

It's clear that i play the role that's been traditionally seen as the "wife."  Even though things are changing so fast when it comes to gender equality, Diane wants me to be responsible for everything that we grew up viewing as "woman's work."  i do it, and i do it as best as i can.  i also take a feminine approach to all the things i do around the house.

i thought i'd share the following article from Shine on Yahoo called "How to Keep Your Clothes Looking New."  Most of the material is things a good "wife" already knows, but it helps to read all the tips and information provided in one place.  It's good information for whoever is responsible for the laundry in your home.  i also know that there are many submissive husbands who enjoy playing the role of the "lady of the house", even though their wives aren't going along with it 100%.  Getting better at what you do might help convince her!

Also, if you haven't visited Shine on Yahoo, take the time to do so.  There are plenty of housekeeping, fashion and beauty tips, recipes and other femme type things you're sure to enjoy.

i also want to apologize for the spam comments that keep showing up on my blog.  i'm trying to fix it but am not a blogging expert.  i'd like to be able to have it set up where you have to enter a code to post a comment, but can't seem to find that option.  If anyone can walk me through it, email me the instructions and i'd be forever grateful!


sissy terri