Sissies and Super Bowls

Today's post was supposed to be about my tame with Jake on Friday.  But then, Ms. Vanessa Chaland left the following comment to my Friday posting:

"I would love for you to expand on the how and why of:
"The humiliation that would exist if i were to service Brian in front of Diane isn't present when i'm with Jake. Instead, it's replaced by a feminine submissive feeling that's hard to describe. It's that urge that made me cave in and change my mind about the feelings i wrote about in my earlier post." :)"
When you're a submissive cuckold and you get such a request, it gives you pause and makes you reconsider what you're about to write.  i started on it and the words didn't seem to flow.  i tried once again and found myself getting nowhere.  i'm working on it and promise to post something in a day or two.  Why is this stuff so complicated.

So instead, i'm going with a little nostalgic Super Bowl theme that might be of interest to some of my sissy friends.  Here's a few photos from Super Bowls of years past that were part of a Yahoo story today.  How times have changed.

 Which one's your favorite?

Even though i'm partial to pink....i love them all :)


sissy terri