Lifestyle Submissives & Privacy

On Monday i wrote about my own evolution as a sissy and how my desires and fantasies changed over time.  i received some comments and a couple of private emails from two other submissive sissies who went into greater detail about their own evolutions from childhood to their adult years.  One of the common threads i see is that as people discover who they are sexually and become a little more comfortable with themselves, their discoveries seem to open other doors that expand their desires and little fantasy worlds. 

i also think the same can be said of most types of D/s relationships, or with couples who have a similar lifestyle.  One little step leads to another and the Domme/sub dynamic moves into many facets of their daily lives.

There's one specific example of this in my own relationship with Diane.  As Her Dominance over me has increased, along with Her role as the head of our household, so has Her oversight of my daily activities.  There are very few times that She doesn't know where i am every day and what i'm doing.  i need permission for many things, like getting together with friends, and know that i have to check with Her before scheduling anything.

i've also relinquished my right to privacy in my email communications with friends or people who correspond with me.  Diane has access to my email accounts and if She wants to, can read what i write.  She also reads the blog frequently and can see what i post on my tumblr blog.  This revelation isn't intended to limit the correspondence i get from friends i've made here through the blog.  i doubt Diane reads my emails very often.  But just knowing She has access and can keeps me more devoted to Her.

To many, even some submissives, this might seem to be oppressive and far too controlling.  i found it difficult at first but got over it.  Honestly, it's been very liberating not to have any secrets or trying to hide something from Her.  In a way, i feel free from the burden that any deception would place on me.

i suppose i could create an anonymous or fake email account and try to stay one step ahead of Diane.  She's more technologically savvy then i am and would eventually find out what i was up to.  It's not worth it.  i think we're both happier this way.