The Evolution of a Sissy

i was real young when i realized i had a fetish for ladies lingerie.  i didn't know it was a fetish at first, but i knew i liked it.  It was something i had to keep hidden for such a long time.  Even though i enjoyed the lingerie, i never once stopped liking girls or even considered sex with a man.  All of my fantasies included other women while i was dressed, but never did involve a man.  That came much later.

When thoughts of other men first crept into my fantasies, they always involved some sort of humiliation, i.e. being discovered, made to play the part of a girl in a school play, sent off to play with the girls because i was discovered to be wearing panties and other such scenarios.  The fantasies never involved my pleasing the men sexually. 

Eventually, i did start thinking about that.  They were all forced-bi scenarios where i was made to pleasure the men.  "If you want to dress like a girl, you're going to have to act like one." That was the theme of the fantasies. 

Eventually, the fantasies changed and they weren't all forced-bi anymore.  Desires for another man grew stronger.  i wanted to dress and be submissive to another man. 

Now that i've experienced that i wonder how many sissies experienced the same type of evolution.  It took some time before i realized and accepted my bisexuality.  It's not a huge part of my life.  But i'm happy that i've experienced it.  It's helped me feel more feminine.