A Bra and Panty Night

I've written before about how Diane and i would sometimes enjoy a "bra and panty night."  It would just be a relaxing evening where we'd both relax, She enjoy all the tactile attention i was giving Her while both of us were dressed in nothing but bra and panties.  Usually, we were wearing a pretty bra and panty sets.

Before we left for vacation Diane told me to make sure i packed a couple of bra and panty sets so we could enjoy at least a couple of bra and panty nights.  We did so last night. 

It's a very sensual and erotic feeling making love to her that way.  Naturally, it's not lovemaking in the traditional male-female sense, but it's lovemaking just the same.  Whenever we're intimate that way, Diane's told me that She views me as a girlfriend as opposed to the submissive sissy husband that i am.  Knowing She's enjoying me as a "female lover" of sorts makes the intimacy that much more erotic.

It's also nice that we both enjoy beautiful bra and panty sets....very much!

Here's a few oldies but goodies from my tumblr site....enjoy!

Any favorites?


sissy terri