Sissy Cuckold Disappointments

My Wife Diane's planned meeting with Paul on Wednesday afternoon never took place.  The "non-event" made for an emotional day, for the both of us.

i had been out of town and hurried home to make sure i'd be there in plenty of time to get dressed and assume my position as the sissy cuckold in the guest bedroom at the far end of the house.  Like i've done before, i would wait there while Paul and Diane arrived for their afternoon of fun, make their way to our master bedroom and enjoy each other in a sexual way for a few hours.

i waited with the usual anxiety i have when it comes to things like this as the hours passed so slowly by.  i began to get a little concerned when, thirty minutes after they should have been there, they hadn't arrived.  Finally, after another hour i called Diane on her cell phone and immediately got a text message that said "Sorry I'm busy now.  I'll call you back."  It was one of those automated options that comes with smartphones these days.

Diane's call came back an hour later and She asked me what was up.  I asked Her if everything was alright and if She was still planning on coming over with Paul....

"He had an emergency this afternoon and couldn't make it"  She said rather curtly.

"Oh. Hope everything is okay.  I was worried about you" I told Her.

"Everything's fine.  It was a work emergency and I decided to get a few things done here.  I've got to run.   I'll call you on my way home"  She said before ending the call.

i looked at the clock on the nightstand and realized i'd been waiting there for more than three hours.  There was no apology from Diane for not having called me to let me know Her date with Paul was cancelled.  Not even a "Sorry, I forgot to call" or a "I should have called."  i was left to wait there and worry.  It was obvious that on this day, Diane's sissy wife was an afterthought.

The incident didn't put me in a very good mood, i felt both humiliated and angry.  i wanted to change out of my feminine clothes, put on male clothes and prepare myself for a discussion with Diane.  i opted not to, deciding it wouldn't be the right thing to do.

Paul's cancellation didn't put Diane in a very good mood either.  That was evident when She got home.  i finally decided to tell Her that "i wished You would have called me.  i was worried."   Her response reflected both Her foul mood and how She viewed Her responsibilities in such situations.

Phone Sex
"Well, I didn't call" She said and added sarcastically "And I didn't know I had to."

The rest of the evening had an air of tension.  Later, She got a phone call from Paul and within a minute or two made Her way to our bedroom and shut the door.  She returned nearly an hour later and seemed to be in a better mood, even though She didn't say anything.  Finally, i was the one who apologized for being upset about the whole situation.

"Don't worry"  She said with a grin, "I'll find a way for you to make it up to me."

"i'd like to make it up to You now" i said with a smile of my own.

"Oh really?" She smiled.  "Another orgasm for me?  Why not?  Let's go upstairs."

i followed Diane to the bedroom fully realizing that She had just enjoyed some steamy conversation with Her lover Paul which led to an orgasm.  While She was in the bedroom talking to Paul, i wondered if She was having phone sex with him but dismissed the idea because of Her lousy mood.  i thought instead they might be sorting some things out.  i was wrong.

Evidence of my miscalculation was Diane's wetness when i put my lips between Her thighs and began pleasing Her.  She was still very damp from Her chat with Paul.

It didn't take Diane long to have an orgasm.  As i kissed and licked, i wondered what they had talked about that changed Her mood.  When She came, i wondered what She was thinking about while i was licking between her legs.

These emotional roller coasters aren't very easy to deal with but, it comes with being a married sissy cuckold.


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