The Absent Cuckold

Let me begin by apologizing for the lack of updates this past week.  i know it's just a blog and i don't need to provide it's readers with a daily accounting of my whereabouts and goings on (i do for Diane though) but i also don't like to go more than a few days without posting.

We had guests here last weekend and into Monday.  Diane's cousin and her husband stayed with us for a few days.  In every blog i've read that discusses D/s lifestyles, visitors usually put a serious damper on things when they're around.  This was no different when it comes to our own lifestyle.  Fortunately, they are wonderful people and it was nice to see them again.

i also had to leave Tuesday for a longer-than-anticipated business trip.  i didn't return until late yesterday afternoon so in essence, it's been more than a week where i haven't been able to get into my regular "submissive wife and cuckold" routine.  Although, Diane was able to proceed without me.  And from what i can gather, without much trouble.

After about a month without seeing Brian, they finally got together for not just one, but two nights here in our home.  Brian got into town on Wednesday and didn't leave until midday on Friday.  According to Diane, "he made himself right at home here."

They had spoken over the weekend and Diane knew that he was going to be staying two nights.  She was disappointed that i wouldn't be around.  It had been a month or maybe a little more since She'd seen Brian and had me present in our home when they made love and She was pleased with the progress i was making as a cuckold.  As time's gone by since their last time, She's been concerned that my anxiety about the whole thing would return.  So, She would have preferred me to be present.

Diane was also just as concerned about Brian's anxiety with regards to my more active involvement as the submissive sissy cuckold.  But based upon my conversation with Her on Thursday night, shortly after they made love (for the first time), i don't think Brian is as anxious about it as She thought.  "Brian says hello" Diane told me as we talked and then said "He also wishes you were here."  i didn't have a very good response to that and just said "Oh really?  Why is that?"  "Don't be silly.  Why do you think he wants you here?  Probably the same reason I do" She answered.

i followed up on that last night with Diane after i had served dinner and cleaned up around the kitchen.  She told me they had a long conversation on Thursday night (lots of "pillow talk" she called it) much of it to do with my role as a cuckold.  She told me that Brian now has a better understanding of our relationship and is eager to move forward.  "He likes the idea of being the man who's cuckolding you" Diane said.  "It probably feeds his ego.  He also loves how obedient you are to me."

Now i'm the one who's nervous and anxious.  He's supposed to visit again next week!


sissy terri