A Sissy Cuckold Sunday

i want to thank everyone for their comments/advice to my last few posts.  i find it both fascinating and helpful to see the diversity of opinions, ideas, comments etc. when it comes to a submissive's role in a D/s or Female Led Relationship like i'm in.

Some people find Diane to be totally within Her rights in so far as the restrictions She's put on me, while others make her out to be the modern day version of Attila the Hun!  She's no Atilla (although She might be a distant relative)...just teasing of course.

One of my loyal followers, Christine, made a reference to my "discovering that you have preferences and limits, and you would like those respected, at least to some degree."  The comment gave me plenty to think about.  Preferences, limits and respect are three very important terms for D/s couples in my opinion.

A preference is something that you like or favor more than another thing.  It's a little different than "liking" something because it usually infers a choice between two things.  In the instant case, Diane's decision to prohibit me from having sex with another man deals with my preference to have that type of sex rather than to refrain totally from it.  She's totally aware of my bisexual urges but has decided that She doesn't want me to act on them anymore, telling me that She didn't like the direction in which things were headed.   Diane respects my preferences, but as the Dominant partner, doesn't have to let me indulge in them.  A submissive needs to understand that.

A limit is far different.  i've discovered that my limits have been tested often, but Diane's never done anything that i would consider going beyond any limit that i've told her about.  i also can't recall any situation where She's gone and done something that we at least haven't discussed before in some context.  Her surprises have never been anything that's "crossed a limit."  As such, She's been very, very respectful of my limits.

i had a lovely conversation with my friend Candi on Sunday afternoon.  i've said this before but it's so awesome to have a sissy girly friend to talk to on a semi-regular basis.  i'm able to get my feelings out and listen to her's as well.  Candi told me about a brand new corset she got last week which set off a very girly chat between us about how sexy and feminine we both think corsets are.  i also told her
Candi's Corset???
about the first time Diane bought me a corset.  It was really our first semi-public display of Her dominance over me and the revelation that i was a crossdressing submissive!  Candi's promised that she's going to post soon about her lovely new corset!

Sunday was also a very "cuckolding" type of day.  Diane spent a few hours here with Paul while i was at a college basketball game with a neighbor.  Diane texted me during the game saying that i should invite our neighbor over after the game for a drink or a glass of wine.  It was her way of letting me know Paul had left and She was ready to act as if nothing unusual was going on by having our neighbor over.

As i suspected would happen, as soon as our neighbor left Diane had me upstairs in bed worshiping where Paul had been just hours before.  The orgasm She experienced with me seemed as powerful as any She'd ever had.  When She has these very powerful orgasms, i always wonder what causes them.  i'm almost 100% certain it's more a psychological or emotional thing that it is a physical one.  i'd like to think i'm good at what i do but i don't think my oral performance wavers that much.

i was also allowed to have a rather powerful orgasm of my own, the remnants of which i was forced to clean, an act which sometimes gets me turned on all over again.   So far, Diane's taking good care of my own needs and i hope it stays that way :)

Once again, thanks for listening.  Your comments and emails are always welcome.  Also don't be afraid to send me an email if you've discovered an interesting sissy or cuckold blog.  i do need to update and freshen up my blog lists a bit.

A while ago someone sent me a link to Cuckold Scenes and i can't remember who it was!  Cuckold Scenes is a blog that's far different than mine but interesting just the same.  Even though i don't get sexually graphic here, believe me when i tell you i still have all those kinky thoughts and fantasies.

My own sissy fantasies are probably more in line with my good friend Leeanne.  i always find myself wanting to be the sissies depicted on her blog, Leeanne's Sissy Musings.  Her recent series of posts, "Blowjobs Illustrated for Sissies" are to die for.  If they don't turn you on, you better check your pulse!


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