Feminine Feelings

When Diane left for work this morning i had already returned from the gym, showered and was fully dressed for another day as Her housewife.  i did some cleaning around the house, paid some bills and got some paperwork ready for a trip to the accountant tomorrow afternoon.

It felt so natural when She gave me a kiss on the cheek and left for work.  i had some free time and i scoured the web for a photo that would capture that moment; a moment where i felt so submissive to Her and feminine at the same time.

My search brought me to a blog called Eve's Rib which features "The gender role reversal art of Jamie Vesta.  i was surprised that i had never come across the blog before but also disappointed that nothing seems to have been posted there since last November.

It didn't take me long to find this photo depicting a masculine looking woman dressed in male clothing kissing her husband goodbye as she leaves for work.

Of the two, it's the husband who looks sillier and i'm sure that's the way the artist intended it to be.  Role reversal in a marriage doesn't necessarily have to be driven by FemDom but i think in many marriages, it plays a significant part.  Rarely does it involve both genders crossdressing either.  While Diane sometimes wears slacks as part of a nice business suit, that's about the extent of Her wearing anything that hints of opposite sex clothing.

i on the other hand didn't have one piece of male clothing when She left for work.  i don't think i looked silly at all, and it all felt quite natural.


sissy terri