Cuckolding and Other Things

i told a friend yesterday that my relationship with Diane seems to be close to the  "be careful what you wish for" stage.  Isn't it true that in many marriages we fantasize for years about erotic situations, never fully grasping the emotional and countless other ramifications they might bring.

Diane's full-fledged affair with Paul has blossomed into one that clearly has some deep affection and intimacy.  He for Her and She for him.  Despite Diane's many and sincere professions of Her love for me, observing and experiencing the feelings they have for each other is a difficult thing for any husband (even a sissy wife like me) to deal with. 

In another man's arms......
When couples where the wife is dominant move into cuckolding, there's probably an element of humiliation that both partners enjoy albeit from different perspectives.  One dishes it out and the other is the recipient.  The humiliation you often read about or see depicted in various photos or artworkwith a cuckolding theme often deals with the raw sexual aspect of the relationship.  Whether it be the lover making ferocious love to the wife, the cuckold fluffing and cleaning or even sexual comparisons between the lover and the cuckold, sex is at the central theme of the literature, photographs or art.

But there's a different type of humiliation and angst that arises when the wife and her new lover develop strong feelings for one another.  i still believe that Diane loves me, but no matter how often She tells me and no matter what She does to express it, knowing She has deep feelings for Paul takes cuckolding to a different level in my opinion. 

On a lighter note, my gurlfriend Candi's been busy and hasn't been able to post but we have kept in touch.  Candi's still looking for "Mr. Right", a man who can "can bring out the woman inside" but she's running into the same age-old problem many of us gurls run into - many so called dominants aren't what they say they are! 

One would think an attractive CD wouldn't have such a hard time finding a Dominant Man.  Yet, so many of the people who contact them initially come off as dominant but once they meet with you, other submissive and even feminine desires of their own start coming out.  Very frustrating!

Have to go.  i'm making a special Dinner for Diane tonight.  No special occasion.  i just want to surprise Her with something She enjoys.


sissy terri