I Love Giving Orders

From the title of this post I'm sure you can tell this isn't coming from my sissy wife terri!  As I pen this post, she's busy golfing.  How lucky is she to have a wife like me?  One who told her to go golfing today, enjoy herself and she didn't even need to hurry back.

Actually I ordered her to go golfing today.  I now have the house to myself.  And in about a half hour, I'm going to be hosting my lover Paul for an afternoon of fun.

I haven't had sex with Paul for a couple of weeks and I'm aching for it.  He also owes me a spanking.  I love submitting to Paul.  It's a nice diversion from being in charge all the time with Terri.  And while
she's such a sensual and attentive lover, Paul is a far better lover in a masculine way.

I teased terri before she left to play golf telling her that "At least you're a much better golfer than Paul."  There wasn't any malice in my teasing, and terri knows that already.  Doesn't mean I lover her any less. 

And this post?  It was just a spur of the moment thing.  I think she's going to be very surprised when she finally reads it!