More Feminine Feelings

i was off to the gym early again this morning but unlike yesterday, i was still in my gym clothing when Diane left for work.  Diane commented on my rather leisurely pace as i sipped on a couple of cups of coffee and read some newspapers.

"No housework to do today?" She asked with a sarcastic tone, knowing i had some ironing to get done.

When i told Her i was soon going to take a bath She immediately said "Make sure to shave your legs."   i told Her i was planning to and that was the end of the discussion.  It was all very nonchalant and seemed so routine.  A few years ago Her request would have put me in a very deep subspace and made the whole thing seemed so kinky.

This morning, it just seemed so natural, and so did shaving my legs.

Hairy legs are a thing of the past for me.  i love the smoothness of my legs and chest. Since i've kept my legs shaved, i'm surprised by a couple of things.  The first is how people don't really notice and if they do, i really can't tell.  The other thing is that there are many men out there whose legs appear to be shaved.  Either they shave them or they're naturally smooth.  Given the number of men i see with smooth legs, i'd say there are more "shavers" out there than most people think.

i wonder if they're wearing panties too?


sissy terri