Missing You

Diane and i were away most of last week and didn't get back until late Sunday.  i had originally planned on posting but the wi-fi where we were wasn't very good and it became just too cumbersome. When we got back home, i came down with a bad cold and i'm just getting over it now. 

i've missed posting and i've missed you, my readers in some ways :)  i'll try to post more regularly in the coming days.

We traveled with another couple with each of us having our own separate accommodations and overall, the trip wasn't very kinky.  Naturally, i was always in panties and in the evening when we were alone or at bedtime, i did dress appropriately like Diane's wife.

There were a couple of kinky couple type of scenes where Diane spent time on the phone with Paul while I was present.  Once i knelt at Her feet and massaged them while She talked with him and the next time, i actually performed oral sex on Her while they talked!

It was Her idea and She told me ahead of time that She was going to tease Paul into having phone sex with Her if he could.  It turned out that he was alone in his office when everyone else had gone home.  When he told Diane that it brought a smile to Her face.

Performing oral sex on your Wife while She talks sexily with Her lover is a different cuckolding experience, and it could be the closest i might ever get to Diane and Paul's intimate times together.  i could hear Diane's side of the conversation perfectly as i did what She wanted me to, but i could only catch a very little bit of Paul's.

It's quite embarrassing to hear his kinky and somewhat dominant side with Diane.  She was really enjoying herself and had already had a couple of small orgasms as She lay on Her back while i worshiped Her when Paul told Her to "get on all fours and put your ass in the air so I can take you from behind."

Diane obeyed, which in and of itself turned me on tremendously. and had Her ass up in the air with her face buried in the pillow but still able to talk to Paul.  i knew i had to keep licking and Diane then told Paul She was about to cum.  A few moments later Diane screamed "It's too late!" and had a thunderous orgasm.  i found out later that Paul had told Her She couldn't cum without his permission and Her disobedience had earned Her a spanking next time they got together!

i wasn't allowed to cum until their phone call was over.  When Diane related the parts of the conversation I missed, i came close to cumming several times.  When She told me about the spanking She was owed, She knew i was about to burst and gave me permission.

All of it was one of the most erotic and intimate times i've ever had with my Wife.  The humiliation i felt was strong and lasting.  i can't get it out of my mind. i can't wait until i get to kiss, soothe and worship Diane's beautiful ass after Paul spanks it!

Diane may have exercised Her authority by telling me i couldn't see Jake or any other man anymore.  However, that void in my life seems to have been filled by Her kicking up the cuckolding a notch!


sissy terri