Subtle but Significant

i made a small but significant change to my blog title yesterday.  i did so at Diane's suggestion. She didn't insist upon it but thought it would be a good idea that i add the word "Cuckold" to the title of my blog.  The URL is still the same.  All i've done is change the title. 

Years before i began this blog, Diane had an affair without my knowledge.  i won't rehash all that happened, but it was a difficult time in our marriage but fortunately we survived.  By definition, i was a cuckold then because of Her affair.  i just didn't know about it.  Now, i'm cuckolded with full knowledge and consent.

A Married Sissy Cuckold
The significance of this change is that i believe it gives some sense of permanency to my current status.  In other words, i don't see Diane stopping Her affair with Paul at any time soon.  She's grown quite comfortable with him and he with Her.  For Diane, it's also important that i accept not only the fact that i'm Her cuckold, but accept and embrace Her dominance and decision that i remain faithful to Her and only Her.

i also wanted to thank all of You who frequent my tumblr blog.  The tumblr phenomenon is really fascinating.  It's just another example of how technology has made so many resources available for everyone to share.  i now have more than 4500 followers on tumblr.  It's a small number compared to other blogs on that site.  i hope everyone who stops by enjoys the pictures i reblog there!


sissy terri