Complimenting A Sissy Cuckold

Home for a long weekend, i've been able to spend most of it with Diane.  She's not on call nor is She going to be with Her lover Paul.  i'm all Her's and She has my undivided attention. 

We spent a lazy Sunday afternoon lounging by the pool for awhile, careful not to take in too much sun even though we'd put plenty of sunscreen on.  We read a couple of Sunday papers, a few magazines and Diane finished a book She was reading on Her Kindle.  It was right after She finished that book that She told me my services would be required in our bedroom.   "Meet me there in five minutes" She said.

i watched Her head into the house and began to think about what She'd said, and how those words meant something different to me as Her sissy cuckold than they would to most other husbands.  i was pretty sure what was in store for me; i would please Diane in whatever way She wanted and no doubt it would involve providing Her with plenty of oral sex.  It's Her normal way of having sex with me. 

Diane looked so beautiful as She lay on the bed when i got to the bedroom.  She lay back on a two pillows with He knees slightly bent and Her legs spread.  i knew what i had to do and slid out of the pink ladies bathing suit bottom i'd been wearing by the pool.  my arousal was evident and Diane just smiled. 

Whenever i pleasure Diane i never fail to try and assess how powerful Her orgasms are.  As such, i'm really assessing my own performance.  i can't help but think that the more powerful Her orgasms, the better job i've done.  Sometimes She's more vocal than others as She climaxes, thrashes about more violently or squeezes my head between Her thighs with such force i think i'm going to pass out!    Yesterday afternoon, it seemed like all those things seemed to happen at the same time.

When it was over, while running Her hands though my hair as lay my head on her tummy Diane said "I love how you please me.  That was the best Big-O I've ever had."

Strapon Art
For a brief moment i thought about asking Her if it was better than any She'd had with Paul but i chose not to go there.  i simply wanted to enjoy the compliment.  i knew She was sincere and i appreciated it so very much.

"Thanks" i told Her.  "i love making You happy."

Diane told me to get Her strap-on because She wanted to reciprocate.  Using the strap-on is also Her normal way of pleasing me. 

She looked so beautiful wearing the strap-on.  The "make-believe-penis" She wore took nothing away from her femininity and it made me want Her more.  i asked Her if i could take a picture of Her but She refused.  "Just get on the bed and let me make love to you" She said.  i was happy to obey.

There was absolutely nothing routine or normal about my own orgasm.  It was also one of my best ever.


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