Sissy Shopping Frustrations

Tumblr is such a treasure trove of beautiful dresses, lingerie and all types of ladies wear.  However sometimes it's so frustrating because you often can't find where to buy some of those beautiful things.

What sissy wouldn't love this?
i'm home alone today since Diane is on call and had to go into work so i decided to treat myself to something cute and sexy.  That's with Diane's permission of course.  Maybe She's going to find some time to spend with Paul today while her sissy wife is at home buying dresses and She feels a little guilty.  Probably not :)

i found this gorgeous little skirt and top set on the tumblr site "Passion for Lingerie."  i was elated when it actually had a source for the picture, which linked to a website called "1staab.com."  However i got very frustrated when i couldn't find the item at all on the website! 

The picture was especially eye-catching because it came with this comment:  "Just a ridiculously cute and girlish outfit." 

i think most sissies would love to be called "ridiculously cute and girlish!"

i'm still searching and hope i find it.  There are some things that a gurl just has to have!


sissy terri