Early Crossdressing

i think most crossdressers had their first experiences with women's clothes while they were quite young.  my own started when i was probably in kindergarten. Those early experiences set the tone for a life that for me seems to have been fraught with a yearning that's never quite been totally satisfied. 

If only it were as simple as being able to enjoy wearing women's clothing.  Acceptance issues are challenging enough, but there's also the D/s aspect for some of us as well as sexual orientation issues.  my own sexual orientation isn't confusing to me anymore.  i'm a submissive bisexual and comfortable with it.  The challenge comes in finding an outlet to fulfill those sexual needs.  Enough about me :)

Bev over at the blog All Hers has a wonderful post about her own early crossdressing experiences.  i think Bev's blog was the first i ever discovered and i've read it faithfully.  Her posts are infrequent but always beautiful.  Her family's acceptance of her dressing at such a young age is unusual but certainly not unheard of.  Stop by her blog and read the post.  i think you'll enjoy it.

i'm home this weekend and only traveling a couple of days next week.  Amid the angst that i've been experiencing the past month in my relationship with Diane, there's still intimacy which helps me understand that She still loves me. 

Diane had read my post of a few days ago and when i got home last night after a busy week She suggested we go out for a glass of wine and some appetizers.  We showered together for the first time in a long time and i got to please Her while we were in the shower.  My own pleasure was left to my own accord while i pleased Her and She teased me.  i'm very accepting of that.  For a submissive, it seems so natural.

i was also made to wear the new bra i bought when we went out.  Even though it was a warm evening, i wore a navy blue blazer to cover the bra which was very noticeable under my pink golf
shirt.  Maybe someday i'll be brave enough and stop covering up.   And instead of a golf shirt i'll wear a nice sheer white blouse!


sissy terri