The Traveling Sissy

i've actually missed posting here even though there is not much to report in the way of my life as a married sissy cuckold.  Diane continues to see Paul on a very regular bases, especially now that i'm traveling frequently because of my consulting business. 

Our home is available to them at most all times during the week and they certainly take advantage of it.  Knowing that Diane is in our marital bed with another man at any given time evokes strong emotional feelings not just from me but for Diane as well.  She mentioned the other day that as they're making love, She her excitement is heightened thinking of how She's cuckolding me!

A funny thing did happen last week just before one of their hookups at our home.  They went for a late afternoon lovemaking session and just as the two of them pulled up into our driveway, the cleaning lady was coming out the front door.  Diane had forgotten that the cleaning lady had told Her she would be at our place later that day instead of her regular 8 AM start!  Diane laughed that Paul was nervous and didn't know what to do.  Diane simply greeted the woman and introduced Paul as a friend of ours.

The situation made me think of how erotic it might be if i were at home doing my normal housework while dressed en femme and Diane came in for an afternoon session with Paul.  That particular fantasy excites as much as any other but i also know that it's also highly unlikely to ever happen to me!

i also had a little bit of an embarrassing situation while going through airport security on my way home last week.  i usually get away with just carry-on luggage and this trip was no different.  My luggage was randomly selected for extra screening and the FAA official (a mature matronly looking woman) got to see all of my pretty unmentionables (panties, bras and a couple of very pretty nighties).

i did my best to appear as if nothing was out of the ordinary and so did she but i could feel myself getting red from embarrassment while waiting for the luggage check to be over.  She did a better job than i did of appearing as if all were normal.  When it was over she simply handed the luggage back to me, said thanks and gave me a smile.  It was a big smile too.  Wonder what She was thinking?

Since then, i've thought about ways to keep the lingerie as discreet as possible in a small piece of luggage.  i don't want to have to check luggage all the time because it's such a time waster.  This week, i put my lingerie in an extra large kitchen plastic bag like the ones you would use to freeze things.  You can see that it's lingerie inside but you can also tell that there's nothing else in there.  My thought is that this would probably keep them from handling every piece of lingerie while in relatively full view of other passengers.  i haven't got selected for the random check this week yet, but if i do we'll see if this idea is any better.

Along the same idea, i looked at a few things on the web that might help my situation and came across this pretty little item that is made exclusively for packing bras and lingerie while traveling.  It might prevent all your lingerie from being held up and on display for all to see, but the item itself is sure to make a sissy like me blush.

If you're interested, i think it's available at Smartbroad.com.


sissy terri