A Cuckold in the House

i thought my being home every day this week might throw a "kink" into Diane's plans to have Paul over late Wednesday afternoon.  i was correct.  Diane has managed to somehow throw Her own "kink" into the afternoon.

She wants me to be in the house, but totally out of sight and not to be heard, when She hosts Paul for an afternoon of sex.  It's not like i have to be locked up in a closet or something like that.  We have a large home with five bedrooms.  The guest bedroom where She wants me to stay while She's with Paul is quite large and comes with it's own full bathroom.  It's also at the farthest end of the house from where they will be playing (the master bedroom) and unlikely that they would hear anything like the television, radio, etc. 

Diane announced this to me this morning and also told me She wants me dressed in a maids uniform "just in case we need you for anything."  It's Her way of teasing me and making me a little anxious at the same time.  She's told me she's dropped "one or two" subtle hints about cuckolding to Paul but doesn't think he's caught on yet.  i doubt very much She'd spring such a surprise on me at this time.

"It's a turn on for me knowing you're in the house dressed in your maids uniform while I'm making love to another man in our bed" She said.  i guess by nature submissives are a selfish lot and i'm no different.  i tend to look at cuckolding strictly from my view point when it comes to fantasies, the things that arouse me, etc.  i give little thought to what arouses Diane beyond the physical sex She's having with Paul.

Given it's popularity, i suppose there is a reciprocal "turn on" for the wives who cuckold their husbands beyond the physical pleasure they get.  Like their submissive partners who are aroused by the humiliation of their wives being with another man, they enjoy dishing out that humiliation.  

Most blogs written by Dommes who cuckold their husbands don't touch on this aspect very much.  Blogs like Fetish Furniture Factory and All Mine have discussed it but not too many others.

i'd love to hear from the wives on this.  i know most of my readers are of the submissive cuckold male variety, but it would be nice for the ladies to chime in on this topic.  i know, there i go being selfish again :)

i won't be very "selfish" Wednesday afternoon though.  i'll be cooped up in the guest bedroom, dressed in my maids uniform while Diane enjoys sex with a "real man" in our bedroom at the other end of the house.  The solitude will provide me with plenty of time to reflect on what it's like to be a real cuckold.


sissy terri