Vintage Femininity

If some of you follow my tumblr blog "A Married Sissy Cuckold", you might know that i have a fondness for vintage feminine fashion.  i'm particularly fond of those styles that were popular in the 50's and 60's, even though i wasn't alive in the 50's and too young to appreciate any of the early 60's.  Just the same, i'm old enough to appreciate the feminine elegance that was on display during that time.

As evidenced by the many tumblr blogs that show photos from that era along with some of the blogs and aother writings you can find on the internet, i know i'm not alone.  There are others like me who are likely around the same age or older who love that look.

My musings today deal with the question of the younger crossdressers who are out there and whether or not they also have a fondness for those types of fashions or, because of their age difference, view the fashion in later decades the way i view those of the 50's and 60's?  For instance, do they yearn for those of the 70's and even 80's? 

This picture of a hot pink maribou peignoir set from the 1960's is what got me to thinking about this question.  Oddly enough, the information on the tumblr blog where i found it,  Miss E Normuss, might have provided at least a bit of insight into the answer.  On the blog, Miss E briefly describes herself as a 21 year old UK housewife.  That would mean she was born around 1993, a few decades after this pegnoir set was in fashion!

i guess it proves that in the eyes of many, beautiful feminine fashion is always something to admire, even if it has gone "out of style."


sissy terri