A Sissy Crush & A Chastity Discussion

Having a Wife like Diane who understands my fantasies, submissive demeanor and sexual needs, along with my own understanding of Her own fantasies and needs makes communication between the two of us much easier and more open.  There's certainly an upside to that but...there are times when the honesty each of us displays leads to a little angst, especially on my part.

i've been away on the road for the last ten days and also took the opportunity to visit some family in another part of the country while away from home.  My time away has given Diane plenty of free play time with Her lover Paul (not that She needs me to be away from home to carry on Her affair) but we still miss each other and talk every day, most times more than once.

Our conversations aren't all about sex by any means, but neither is the topic absent from just about every call home i make.  Diane's honesty about Her feelings and what She and Paul have done
together and have planned to do while i'm away aren't always the easiest things for a cuckold to hear.  It's the whole fantasy vs. reality issue; fantasizing about your wife with another man is far different than knowing it's actually happening.  That's especially true when you know it's not just casual sex, but an intimate and lasting relationship that fulfills your Wife's emotional and sexual needs, the needs She has to be with a "real man."

During last night's phone call Diane asked me if i missed Jake (the man i was seeing last year from time to time).  i admitted that i did but that it wasn't the ideal situation for me.  i still fantasized about being with a more Dominant Man, even though i understood She was prohibiting me to do so.  i also admitted to Her that i'd been communicating with a man i'd met on tumblr.  It's been a very innocent exchange but one that's been sensual and erotic in a different way.  This man, who i'll call Dave, really seems to understand me and my feminine needs.  i was up front with Diane and told Her that i really enjoyed our correspondence and i'd developed kind of a "crush" on Dave.

Diane thought my "crush" was pretty cute and laughed a bit when i told Her.  Her comment and reaction caused me to blush and feel a little embarrassed, even in the solitude of my hotel room.  As i felt my face redden a bit Diane added that "maybe it's time we think about chastity again.  After all, you're gone so much and i need to be able to trust you!"  Diane's comment was said in a teasing
manner but i did sense a hint of realism to it.

Up to this point, Diane's lack of interest in keeping me in some form of chastity stems from the amount of work it is on Her part and Her not being bothered by my masturbation habits.  She's told me before She thinks "it's cute that my sissy wife plays with herself for satisfaction."  That comment and those thoughts add to my own submisive feelings.

"Maybe i can keep you in chastity just when you're here at home" Diane said later, adding that it would be especially erotic to know that i was locked while She was enjoying Herself with Paul.

After i had hung up and was left alone to ponder the whole chastity thing, i thought about how i might feel if Diane allowed me to be with a man of my own, but only while i was in a chastity device of some sort.  The idea of making myself available to please a Dominant Man while i myself was prohibited from any physical pleasure myself got me quite aroused.  So much so that i slipped into a pink nightgown and lay on the bed, fantasizing about being with Dave and making him happy, all the while locked up in a chastity belt knowing that His pleasure was all that counted. 


sissy terri