Wanton Wednesdays

Wednesday afternoons have become a regular thing for Diane and Her lover Paul.  Their schedules are such that most weeks they have those afternoons free.  What better way to spend them then to have "great sex" with each other. 

Like other men who are having an affair, Paul usually tells his wife that he's either taking the afternoon off to play golf, stay in the office to catch up on a few things, or make up some other commitment he has to meet.

Unlike most other women who are having an affair, Diane simply tells Her submissive sissy cuckold what She's doing.  It's a much simpler and more honest approach that eliminates most all possibilities of "problems" on our end. 

Just as i was boarding a plane to return home late on Wednesday, Diane was probably kissing Paul good bye in the foyer of our home after another satisfying afternoon of carnal activities.  By the time i got home several hours later, Diane's afterglow had subsided but She was still in a very good mood.  Her demeanor, attitude and disposition was evidence that sexual satisfaction certainly does help keep some people happy. 

i've also found that recently, the sex Diane has with Paul hasn't diminished Her appetite for the type of sex She enjoys with me.  In fact i think it's made Her want it more.  She wasted little time last night telling me that She wanted "a worshiping."  i wasted little time in in providing Her with one.

After i'd pleasured Her and Her orgasm was complete, She told me how She'd really love it if i could do this to Her while She was having sex with Paul.  She's talked about this in some ways before but most of the time it's been while She's teasing me about being Her cuckold, cleaning Her after or during sex with Paul and other similar type fantasies.  This time She was more direct, telling me it's become Her biggest fantasy. 

There was a bit of an uncomfortable silence after She said this.  i felt She was waiting for me to say something.  i was thinking about how it was also a fantasy of mine, but also wondering about how i could go through with it in front of Paul.  He's someone i know through our professional relationship.  Finally i broke the silence and asked Diane if She thought it would ever happen?

"Working on it" She answered in a very businesslike manner.  "Good things take time" She said and after a pause added "Great things take a little longer."

Knowing that this is something that Diane really wants, if the situation ever presented itself and both She and Paul are ready to move forward, i'd fall in line and do whatever She wanted.  i just love Her so much.


sissy terri