Pretty Babydoll Pajamas

With vacation and escape from the summer heat on the agenda for the next couple of weeks, i thought i'd sprinkle in a few "pictorial posts" about some of my favorite things.

In between, i'm hoping that Diane will find the time to post a thought or two of Her own.  She's promised to do so, but Her enjoyment and relaxation on this vacation comes first.

So, here are some pictures from my tumblr blog of some adorable (in my opinion) babydoll pajamas....

This was my first babydoll tumblr post on May 3, 2012!

Then, just a few days later there was this cute little piece of sleepwear.....

Soon, i was on the lookout for babydoll pajama photos, especially those that brought back the memories of yesteryear.  This one had an obvious Valentine's Day theme, but i posted it in May anyway!

Even in black and white, these short little nighties are lovely to look at.  Here some might focus on the fishnets but not i, oh no not i!!!

And lastly, here's a beautiful piece of artwork featuring a sheer babydoll that just oozes femininity!

Is it really any wonder that most nights i like to go to bed early?


sissy terri