A Sissy and Her Romper

i'm home this week and tying up some loose ends from my recent business travels.  We're also going to be leaving for a two week vacation soon and Diane is already bemoaning the fact that She and Paul will be without each others company for a few weeks.  i doubt very much they'll let anything get in their way of postponing this week's regular Wednesday date.   But all that's for another time.

My recent "sissy crush" has me wondering just how much fun it would be to dress for "Dave" in the privacy of our home.  Dressing for someone who appreciates my efforts to appear submissive and feminine would be far different that what i did for Jake.  While Jake said he appreciated it, his interests were clearly on other things.

Our backyard here is very private.  We're elevated and even though there are neighbors close by, no one can really see into our yard.  The perfect opportunity to slip into something cute, pretty, feminine and summery to serve Dave by the pool.

Some items of clothing just make me feel more femme than others.  One of those would be a pretty little romper.  i just know Dave would appreciate seeing me in one.  i'd make sure my legs were as smooth as could be, all nice and tan and maybe slip into a pair of nice summery heels.

i think Dave would find me just perfect in a romper.   Probably a pink one too.  It would make me look even more sissy and sexier for him.  Hopefully, he'd be aroused but not so much that he'd be in a hurry for me to please him so that he could leave.

i think he would rather stay and enjoy the sissy show i'd be willing to put on for him!