Sissy Cuckold Instructions

As planned Diane is hosting Paul in our home this afternoon, likely the last time She gets to have private time with him until we return from our vacation in a couple of weeks.  When She left for the office this morning, i was given specific instructions to follow for the afternoon and even given a choice of what to do with myself, though Diane did offer a few suggestions.

Being home all week i've been able to do housework and Diane gave me a list of things She wanted done today including some fresh flowers in the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom. 

i was also instructed to put fresh sheets on the bed and to take the bed down so that it was ready for She and Paul when they got home.  She wants it taken down just so, with extra pillows positioned at the head of the bed and two of them sitting perpendicular to the others  but in the very center of the king sized bed. 

i wondered what Paul would think when he saw the bed taken down since both he and Diane usually arrive at the same time.  Wouldn't he wonder who took the bed down and prepared it that way i asked her.  "I'll just tell him the maid did it" she laughed, "and I wouldn't be lying."

The placing of those last two pillows  leaves little to the imagination as to why Diane wanted them that way.  "It just makes me more comfortable in that position" was all She said.  It was more than enough for me to know exactly what position She'd be in to receive Paul.  i've always found it to be a very "submissive" position for a woman to be in, especially when the man is taking her that way.  

The picture of Diane and Paul together that way has been on my mind since She first mentioned it The Sissy Cuckold Perspective" sometime last week.
and more so now since i've just completed taking the bed down and putting the pillows just the way She wants them.  Obviously, Diane's instructions were a reinforcement of my cuckold status but it also made me think about erotic pictures like that which i've seen where i have a yearning to be the woman in the picture.   The feelings are similar to the one's i touched on in my post "

Diane's given me the option of staying home while they are here, but safely tucked away in one of the guest bedrooms, going shopping or playing some golf.  "It might be best if you weren't here this afternoon but it's totally up to you.  He might stay a little longer than usual" She said.  She asked that i just text Her and let Her know if i'll be home or not but that if i left, She wanted back home no later than 6 PM.

i've decided to head to the club and play some golf.  It would be the best way to pass the time in my opinion.  i know i won't be able to get the thought of Diane and Paul together out of my mind completely.  In fact, it will be quite prominent most of the time.

Being a cuckold can be very rewarding for a submissive male like myself.  It's difficult to explain and i'm quite sure most people would never understand it, but the things that make it so rewarding are usually the same things that make being a cuckold very emotionally difficult at times.  Today is one of those times. 


sissy terri