The Sissy Cuckold Perspective

Viewed through the eyes of a straight alpha male (the type of man boys who grew up in my generation were always expected to emulate) the beautiful woman on the right ignites feelings of lust and more.  The alpha male wants her badly.  He wants to take her and do naughty things to her.  He wants to make love to her, have intercourse with her and hear her screaming his name, begging for him to enter her.

The picture generates feelings of lust in the sissy cuckold as well.  However, it's lust of a very different kind and sometimes very complex.  There's the jealous kind of lust where if you're like me,
you want to be her.  You want to be this gorgeous piece of eye candy for your man or, any man who might happen to see you dressed this way.  Like her, you want to feel the lust he has for you and fantasize what he wants to do to you!

There's also the jealousy of wanting to have the gorgeous lingerie she's wearing.  The alpha male is turned on by the woman, the sissy is turned on more by what she's wearing.

If you're a cuckold, there's often other things that come to mind when seeing this picture.  The cuckold may think of his wife dressing this way especially for her lover.  She's wearing the finest and sexiest lingerie for him.  You relate with her femininity, her desire to be his eye candy, just like you want to be.   In many ways, you want to be in her shoes with a man of your own. 

This post was courtesy of a very beautiful woman i saw today while having lunch at an outdoor cafe.  She was dressed elegantly with a rather short summery skirt and heels.  i wanted to wear what She was wearing.  Moments later, her lunch date arrived and she greeted him with a kiss.  They looked like lovers instead of a regular couple, even though i noticed a wedding ring on both of their hands.  Who knows, maybe she was cuckolding her husband with this very handsome man. 

That was my perspective anyway, seen through the eyes of a married sissy cuckold.


sissy terri