A Sub Sissy's Lack of Confidence

It's not surprising i suppose that a submissive like myself lacks confidence.  There are some things i want to bring up to Jake that deal with some of my more kinky fantasies that i'm afraid to do right now, preferring to bring them up at the right time or waiting until we've been together more often. 

i'm seeing him today for one of our supposed Friday golf games,  only this time we're playing at his house this afternoon.  He's assured me that no one will be around until at least six o'clock or later tonight so we'll have plenty of privacy.  i'll still be nervous though.  It's just something i can't help. 

This morning while getting dressed Diane looked at me and said "I like those panties, are those new?"  i told Her they weren't but that i hadn't worn them in awhile.  They were white panties with a pink and white floral pattern on them and some scalloped lace panels in the front.  "I think Jake will like them" she laughed.

I was a little surprised when She told me I was more than welcome to take the handcuffs we had used the other night if i wanted to.  "You seemed to enjoy having them on" She laughed, adding that She enjoyed using them to.  i didn't really answer Her, instead thinking about how i lacked the confidence to introduce the handcuff play to Brian.

"Can i ask You who's idea it was to use them the other night?" I asked Her. 

"Both of ours really.  We had talked about it before, you know discussing some fantasies and things.  I guess it was Brian's idea, but I knew he'd be bringing them" She told me.

"Why didn't he take them back?  Did you tell him he could leave them here?" I asked her, curious as to how they ended up staying here.

"It makes sense to keep them here.  I just told him it wouldn't be a problem that I would make sure they were hidden where you wouldn't see them.  I could tell him that it didn't matter if you saw them or not.  Or even, that I used them on you!" She said with a big smile, walking over to me to give me a kiss and a stroke on my panties. 

"Someone's a little excited I see" She said feeling me through the panties.

i was.  All these thoughts were going through my submissive mind at the same time; having been handcuffed with the same cuffs my wife's lover used on her, the impunity with which She decided to keep the handcuffs here in plain sight for me to see, the idea of asking Jake to use them on me and finally, wondering what other toys Diane might possibly get Brian to leave here.

i was lost in thought when Diane said "I better stop stroking you before you mess those pretty panties!"

Yes, She always knows what's best.  i want Jake to see these today.