Meeting a "Wife's" Needs

Other than going into the office just briefly yesterday, Diane decided to take the entire week off.  It's been nice.  We got to spend time together, talk, shop and just enjoy being together while our "boyfriends" are away on their own family vacations. 

Despite having my period this week, we've been rather sexually active.  Diane's teased me about how horny She's been all week and how much She misses manly sex with Brian.  i've pleasured Her as best i could (at least twice each day) orally and a few times, using a hand held vibrating dildo on Her as She fantasizes about Brian.  This form of pleasure for Her has given me an insight into some of their lovemaking.  Diane might be exaggerating some of the things She talks about while i pleasure Her this way, but there's clearly a change in Her approach to sex since She's been with Brian. 

She hasn't made love to me with Her own strap-on since i started my period on Sunday.  However, there have been multiple "sissy masturbation" sessions, even a few while i was still "fully pantied."  It does make for a little bit of a mess and Diane laughed and told me since i lacked so much control that "maybe you should wear a diaper instead of panties."  She's also been teasing me by saying that She hopes my period is a short one so that She can make real love to me before the weekend.  That's a good sign.  I'm expecting Her to let me know today that my "time-of-the-month" has come to an end.

We were shopping the other day and Diane picked out a cute little summer nightgown for me.  i also pointed out something that i thought would look good on Her.  Her first comment was "Do you think Jake would like it?"  i told Her i thought he would, but that i really liked it.  We bought it and She wore it for me the next night. 

As we were shopping i thought about how each of us works hard to please each other as their "wife."  In our relationship, we really are each others "wife."  i don't sexually pleasure Diane like a real man would, and we're both more than okay with that.  But She definitely pleases me like a wife gets pleased.  She's even back to calling me "wifey" more and more.  i am loving all of it.  The more She does these things, the more submissive and feminine i feel.

By all indications, She's loving it too.