My Special Panties

Thanks to everyone who left comments to my last post about where to find the kind of panties that Jake would like to see me in.  Well, i finally ordered some today and soon, i'll be modeling them for him!

Diane's fully aware of my special search and has been helpful in her own right.  Not necessarily from finding the exact solution for me, but in discussing the feminine mindset of dressing sexy for your man.  There's been some teasing about it, but amidst all the teasing and joking around, She's right that it really does make me feel more feminine and even submissive. 

There's almost a willingness on Her part to want me to look prettier, sexier and more feminine for Jake.  Similarly, i'm also resigned to the fact that She's doing the same thing for Brian.  On the days when i know She's going to meet him, there's always either new or the best sets of lingerie laid out for Her to wear and plenty of extra primping on Her part. 

She likes the panties i ordered and once they arrive and She gets to see them on me, She may even order some for Herself.  Different colors though.  Brian loves Her in black.

Here are the panties i ordered.  Three pairs, one each in pink, blue and white.