Sissies and Petticoats

Every sissy has their own favorite items of female clothing.  While most of us love all things feminine, there are just certain garments, colors or styles that simply make us swoon!

i can't say that i have an absolute "favorite" item because sometimes it depends on my mood and i get aroused by different things at different times.  One of my absolute favorites though, regardless of my mood is a pretty petticoat.  i don't get to dress in them often, but when i do the feeling is heavenly.  i have a couple of petticoats and each time i wear them in Diane's presence She'll make me twirl around and model it for Her.  That is so lovely!

i'm hoping to introduce my wearing of petticoats to Jake soon.  i hate to unload all of these fantasies on him right away for fear of scaring him away.  i think i'll be able to figure out how he'll feel about them soon and at the right time, bring it up.

One of my favorite petticoat sites is Petticoat Pond, which i have linked to in my "Of Interest to Sissies" blog list section.  Here are a few delicious selections from their Update Log:

 This one is called "Snow Bunny" and the model is in a rather seductive pose which is her feeble attempt at modesty.  She's hiding her bra but leaving her beautiful pink petti or tutu exposed.  Beautiful.

Here's something a little more vintage; a powder blue full petticoat on a lovely smiling model.  She's obviously happy to be wearing the petti and probably just getting ready to put her dress on and maybe head out to a square dance.  But no...not in those heels!

And last but not least, is there anything better than a petticoat as part of a sissy maid's ensemble?  Especially one where your panties can be seen?  You're right, there isn't!

It's off to the baseball game tonight while Diane hosts Brian at our house.  i keep wishing i was there, but realistically, not sure I could go through with it.