"It's Only a Game"

My lack of posting the past few is a reflection of my mood.  It's been an emotional week for me.  Diane's meeting with Brian Monday night revealed something i'd suspect for awhile but wasn't really sure about.  Their relationship has turned a little kinky.  Kinky in that she enjoys submitting to him. 

That's been hard for me to deal with.  Never in our marriage has Diane ever exhibited or revealed any desire to be submissive.  It's always been the exact opposite.  Now, she's submitting to Brian.

i didn't find out exactly by accident either.  Diane does nothing by accident.  It's all planned.  The handcuffs were laying on the chair in our bedroom right next to her bra and panties.  She obviously wanted me to see them.

i can't say i was shocked, but confirming my suspicions hurt in a way.  And She could see it.

"Look, it's only a game" She said.  "Get over it."

i told her i was surprised because She never let on that it was something She enjoyed.  i wished She would have told me.  Then what She said has really stuck with me:  "How could I enjoy being submissive to someone who I knew couldn't be dominant.  It just would never feel right."

Later, i found myself in the same handcuffs Diane had worn earlier that night for Brian.  With my hands cuffed behind my back, i licked her pussy.  As i licked She told me that She had worn them while sucking his cock.  It didn't take me long to cum in my panties after She said that.