Party Time - Sissy Suggestions

i want to thank everyone who provided suggestions for our Christmas party on Saturday night, either through my regular or Tumblr email.  Some certainly wouldn't be acceptable at the type of party Diane is planning, but i have no doubt that at least a portion of the guests might enjoy it.  Let's be honest, many people have kinky fantasies don't they?  LOL!

Here's a few cute suggestions i received.  The first is from "Ellen" who says:

"Every sissy should look their best for their parties if they're the official hostess.  You should either have your hair done or put it up in curlers yourself.  Have the curlers on when the caterers show up."

You might not have guessed, but this suggestion actually got me a little aroused!  The idea of having my hair and curlers and being seen that way adds more than just a tinge of "sissy humiliation!"  Thank you Ellen!

"tatty" (maybe it's short for Tatiana) sent me a link to the following picture and asked if i thought it was a pretty outfit to wear to a Christmas party.  What do you think?

KPF Manere Classy  

I love it.  So classy.  Just wish the green were a little darker and the blouse a little darker shade of pink, making it more "Christmassy."

And finally another sissy friend Jen wrote that every Christmas party needs a Santa and that i should play that role.  She even suggested a way that i do it without getting totally dress.  "Wear this pink Santa hat" she said.  "All you have to say is that it was the only color you could find."

Awesome idea!  Now all i have to do is find a pink santa hat.  i wonder what Diane's lover Paul would think when he saw me in a pink santa hat?  He's cuckolding me but doesn't know that i know.  Think he would catch a submissive vibe or two?


sissy terri