Girl Talk

This morning i had an absolutely wonderful conversation with a sissy friend i met through the blog many months ago.  When "Jane" (as in Jane Doe) originally reached out to me via email, she seemed like a wonderful person who had many interests that were similar to mine.  i was very hopeful that our correspondence would continue and that we'd become friends. 

Well, i am happy (giddy actually) to report that we've become regular girlfriends despite the distances between us. 

Today is a special day for Jane.  She's finally getting to meet a man she's been corresponding with and talking to for months.  Because of their work schedules and travel, it's taken this long for them to get together.   Even though she's not going to meet him in drag (of course she'll have lovely lingerie underneath her male clothes...more on that below) it's still an exciting event the first time you meet a man who's interested in you as a woman!

i just had to call her today to wish her luck and to find out how she was doing.  Jane's brimming with girly excitement.  She knows the man is smart, articulate and seems to be the dominant type she's looking for; one who understands her needs and apparently how to meet them!

We all know how "Mr. Right" is hard to find.  We laughed this morning about how many men we've corresponded with who say they're dominant and all, then we find out that they're just as interested in sucking our cocks as we are in sucking theirs!  Not what a true submissive girly-gurl is looking for right?

i naturally had to ask her what she was going to be wearing under her boring boy clothes and Jane said that for sure, she was going to be wearing some black thigh highs and either a black corset or
other black one-piece control garment.  i was surprised when she told me she might not wear panties and when asked why she said it made her feel "more submissive and available to him."  Wow!  Pretty sexy.  This opened up a whole other conversation about not wearing panties as part of being "objectified" by a dominant man. 

If things work out this afternoon for Jane, she and her new friend may get a chance to meet tonight where she can dress fully for him.  Obviously, i can't even begin to tell you how excited i am for her.

She's promised to let me know how things went as soon as she can.  i'm so happy for my girlfriend.  i hope she's not disappointed, but instead, finds the Man of her dreams!


sissy terri