Slutty vs. Sissy

i think most men who have a thing for crossdressers tend to prefer the "slutty" look as opposed to the "sissy" look.

Jake's like that.  Even though i don't really dress "slutty" for him i can tell from our conversations that he would really like to see me dressed like that. 

But Jake also knows from our recent conversations where we've been more open about our fantasies that i love being dressed like a sissy for him. 

i know a submissive sissy's job is to please her man and i fully intend to do that.  i also know that Jake's has at least some interest in my being more "sissy" for him from the tone of our conversations and the questions he's had for me ("Have you ever wanted to dress like a little girl?"....duh!!!!).

i think eventually, we'll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.  

But this afternoon, i'm going to try and look at least a little bit slutty with a white see through blouse (so he can see my black bra!), black skirt, thigh highs, heels and a heavy dose of lipstick when I see him for about an hour.  Plenty of time to please my man like a good sissy/slut.

i love Fridays.

sissy terri