Sissy Housewife Stuff

With our holiday party only a few days away, i've been one busy girl!  Most of the food items are being catered but Diane insists on having some things homemade.  Guess who's responsible for whipping these things up from scratch?  The little housewife of course.

So if you don't see me posting regularly the next several days, rest assured that i'm busy making sure that our holiday party is a success.  i certainly don't want to disappoint Diane.  It's also important to Her because Her love Paul will be there as just another guest to most everyone in attendance.

It's still early to start the cooking and baking of the few items Diane's entrusted me with preparing, but when i do that the task is made just a little bit more enjoyable when i slip on one of several pretty aprons i have for housework and other special occasions.  Unless you have feminine feelings like a sissy, you might not understand why baking cookies can be so much fun!

Since the party is on Saturday, Friday is going to be a pretty busy day.  i'm trying to make time for Jake and he's also trying to make time for me tomorrow.  It's a really nice feeling knowing that he looks forward to our weekly meetings and the pleasure i provide him.  i wonder if he looks forward to them as much as i do. 

Last week i asked him if he looked forward to Fridays.  He just smiled and said "I'm here aren't I?"  i was kneeling in front of him and just starting to fondle and kiss him when i popped the question.  His answer was brief and he simply guided my head back down between his legs, an indication that he didn't want me to waste any time.  i loved it.

Jake was also very impressed with the slutty look i had for him, especially the lip gloss i had on.  He enjoyed seeing my pantied lips on his manhood.  There was little doubt about that!  i think he enjoyed that more than the see through blouse i had on with the black bra underneath :)

As i pleasured Jake as he sat on the leather sofa in our house, i had this thought about feeling like a housewife who was cheating on her husband, inviting her lover to the house and having an afternoon of fun.  That's pretty silly in a way, because such a wife would be cuckolding her spouse and in reality, i'm the one who's the cuckold!


sissy terri