Holidays and Sissy Cuckolds

i hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Both our lovely daughters were here, one with the fiancee and the other with the boyfriend.  Diane teased me afterwards that i was a shining example of how husbands should help out their wives when it comes to domestic duties.  i hate to disappoint everyone but all the help i provided was done without my wearing an apron or other visible femme clothing!

i've always felt a little melancholy around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It seems to get worse as i get older.  There's so much poverty around us and to know that some young children go to bed hungry through no fault of their own bothers me very much.  Since i've retired i've done some volunteer work which sometimes brings me closer to such situations and it seems to be on my mind more and more.  Sorry to be such a downer but it's prominently on my mind at this time of year.

Diane wasn't able to see Her lover Paul at all this weekend but let me know this morning before she left for the office that She was seeing him late this afternoon.  There were very little details other than Her telling me she would call me to let me know about dinner.   The conversation was short and quickly changed to what She wanted done around the house today.

Being excluded from her affair with Paul the way that i am also has me in a down mood.  Her affair with Paul is much different than the one She had with Brian.  Even though i wasn't present often when they made love, Diane found many ways to include me in what was going on.  The humiliation was intense at times and this may sound very strange but i appreciated the effort She put into it!

It's just not the same now.  There's not even that much sex after She's been with Paul (something She seemed to enjoy after every session with Brian).  The last few times Diane's been with Paul She hasn't insisted that i worship Her at all. 

i've asked Her if there's anything wrong, or if She still enjoys having me please her after sex with Paul and She insists that all is well, She loves me, still enjoys it and not to worry.  i can't help it, but i really want to be included more than i am.

My apologies for the gloomy state of this post.  i'll perk up in a day or two :)


sissy terri