Sissy Stocking Stuffers

More than a week has gone by since i last posted.  My absence is reflective of just how busy the holiday season can be for everyone.  All the running around and excesses we seem to partake sometimes put me in a lousy mood but i change quickly once Christmas eve rolls around and the family is gathered together. 

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, i do hope you all had a very happy holiday season and that you were able to do something nice for someone. 

Once our daughter's arrived here last week, things turned a little "sexually quiet" for both Diane and i.  Diane's only seen Paul a few times and strictly on a professional basis, with the exception of sneaking away for a passionate Merry Christmas kiss and maybe a little more.  i'm not going to see Jake until after New Year's.  He did email me and asked if i was "up for a round of golf" on Friday of next week - that's his way of saying he's available for some fun.

Although the week's been less sexually active than usual, it hasn't been totally quiet.

It's been a family tradition since the girls were old enough to go to midnight church services and when we returned home we would open our gifts.  We did that this year and by the time we were done it was almost 3 AM.  Just before we were ready to get into bed, Diane opened her drawer and handed me a small gift wrapped package.  "It wouldn't fit in your stocking with all the other stuff in there" she said.  "Open it."

The package contained five pairs of simple but very feminine hi-cut panties (size 6) in a variety of pretty colors.  All the pairs were the same, with a bit of lace trim around the waist.

"I thought they were perfect housewife panties.  Not too fancy and just sissy enough" Diane said with a smile.  It was a loving smile too.  She hugged me and we kissed as passionately as we have in a very long time.

As i took the plastic wrapper off the package, Diane surprised me when She told me to take a picture of the panties to post on the blog and to do it right away.   So i lay the package down on the bed and snapped a picture with my phone.

"Why the rush to take the picture?" i asked her as i was about to put them away in the drawer with all my other panties. 

"Because i want you to model a pair for me before you come to bed." She said.

As She took the bed down, i took out a pair of panties (the blue ones to surprise Her) and struck a couple of my best modeling poses for Diane at the foot of the bed.

i didn't model for very long.  She called me into bed after only a minute or two. 

"Time for you to thank me" She said and gently pushed my head between her thighs.

It was a beautiful way to start Christmas day.


sissy terri