Holiday Party Planning

It was a weekend devoted mostly to Christmas shopping and decorating our house for the holidays.   Last year, most all of the shopping and decorating was my responsibility.  i remember Diane saying to me "That's what stay-at-home wives do."   This year She's playing a more active role in the shopping, decorating and the planning of the annual holiday party we host. 

This year's party is being moved up a week to next Saturday night.  Diane made that decision weeks ago and i sent out the invitations the week before Thanksgiving, giving people plenty of time to put it on their calendars.  When Diane decided to move the party up a week She said the following weekend was going to be to close to Christmas.  Last night, i realized there was probably another reason.

Diane is "on call" the weekend before Christmas, and so is Her lover Paul.  That made having the party on that night a potentially risky situation.  Moving it was safer, and it also gave Diane the opportunity to invite Paul and his wife to the party.

Diane did that last Friday.  He wasn't on the original list of invitations i sent out because Diane wasn't sure he'd feel comfortable.  Their affair is discreet and other than the two of them, Diane's friend Linda and i are the only two people who know what's going on.  And he doesn't know that i know.  

"Does that make you feel more like a cuckold" Diane asked me last night, "hosting my lover at our holiday party?"

i told Diane that in some ways it did.  i wondered if other people knew, or suspected of their affair, people who would be at the party.  That would be a very indirect form of humiliation to me.  Even if they viewed me as the innocent and unsuspecting husband.  What would they think if they knew the whole story?  Just imagine!

My thoughts were interrupted when Diane said "We'll have to make sure you're wearing something pretty under your boy clothes that night.  Something very cuckoldy!" 

"Cuckoldy?"  Hearing that term was a first!


sissy terri