Sharing Sissy Fantasies

The little funk i was in yesterday afternoon predictably didn't last very long.  After reflecting on what i'd written and how i felt, i understood that it was just another instance of a submissive selfishly wanting things to go their way instead of being satisfied simply serving their Dominant partner and doing what they're told. 

i guess it's called "topping from the bottom" in the D/s world, but i don't necessarily like that term because to me it has too much of  sexual implication.  i'm probably wrong on that, but whenever i hear it i think of a submissive trying to direct a BDSM scene or calling the shots sexually.  My own feeling is more in tune with lifestyle issues and day to day happenings between Diane and me.

Last night Diane called while on Her way to meet up with Paul.  She wouldn't tell me where they were meeting but did tell me later when She got home that he'd gotten a room for them at an out-of-the way hotel.  He couldn't stay long but their time enough together was enough to extinguish Diane's "female fires" for a little while.  Those were the words She uttered a little after 9 PM when i was told that her "pussy needed some soothing attention."

Her demand seemed too much of a coincidence after yesterday's blog post.  i waited until after i'd satisfied Her to ask if She'd read my post earlier in the day.  "No, why?" She asked.  i told Her i was just curious and admitted later that the post was an attempt to describe my being a little down because of not being involved with Her as much as i would have liked, especially when it came to being Her cuckold. 

Perhaps She did read it, but judging from Her reaction to the oral attention i gave Her i think Her decision to have me worship Her was spontaneous and something She really wanted.  In the end, i felt real good about what had happened.

Something else took place before Diane arrived that made me feel better.  i called Jake late that afternoon and told him that i would be free until around at least 7 in the evening if he wanted to call me. 

Jake called around 5:45 on his way home from the office and we had a wonderful conversation.  Surprisingly, Jake said he wanted me to be more open about my fantasies, hinting that i must have many more that he doesn't know about.  The conversation went back and forth with me saying i would also enjoy learning more about his own fantasies, even those involving real females.  "I have plenty of those" he laughed.

Jake's drive home wasn't long enough for us to get into any fantasies at length.  We agreed that the next time we were together we would each share one of our fantasies and also ask each other a question about something sexual to see if the other has any interest in it.  So really, it's like sharing two fantasies!

Talking with him had me very excited as i thought about what i wanted to share with him and ask him.  Somehow, i want to get cuckolding in there along with finding out if he has any interest in becoming more dominant and in what way.  i also can't wait to hear what he has to say. 

What started out as a downer of a day ended up splendidly.  i performed like a good sissy cuckold for Diane, and fantasized about so many submissive things that could be on the horizon with Jake.

Somehow, i have to let Jake know how much i love ruffled panties.  Maybe he'll get the hint and have me dress as his little girl once and awhile :)


sissy terri