Sissy Christmas Stuff

It's been quite a busy seven days since i posted last Thursday.   i spent most of last Thursday, Friday and Saturday getting ready for our Christmas party on Saturday night.  Let me gloat for a brief moment here.  The party was a smash!

At one point in the evening Diane when got everyone's attention for a Christmas toast, She thanked them for coming and before She had a chance to offer the toast, many people chimed in to say what a wonderful party it was.   Diane responded by saying "Well, I barely had to lift a finger.  I owe it all to my wonderful stay-at-home spouse!"  Everyone cheered and thanked us.  i wondered if anyone noticed She used the word spouse instead of husband.  Maybe it's my paranoia that picks up on these little things, but i was at least relieved She didn't slip and use the term "wife!"

Like She had promised, before everyone arrived Diane had me put something pretty on under my mostly male clothes (we wore matching women's Christmas sweaters, red sweaters with white reindeer and snowflake patterns).  She apologized for not having purchased something special for me to wear for the party.  "Let's pick out something cuckoldy" She said, the same term She used last week when discussing what i should wear.

My undergarments for the party carried more significance because Her lover Paul would be there as a guest.  One of my many instructions for the evening was to make sure Paul and his wife Laurie were having a good time.  i was to introduce them to some of the guests if Diane hadn't done so, make sure their drinks were fresh if they wanted more and to just look after them.  "Just think of yourself as their personal maid or servant" Diane said.

So to make me feel like a sissy cuckold, Diane decided that i would wear a pair of white ruffled panties and a white sports bra (one of hers).  She definitely wanted me in bra and panties for the night and thought a regular bra would probably show through the sweater which was just a little tight.  There was also the possibility that with the many hugs that would be exchanged throughout the evening, someone might feel the bra under my sweater.  Diane does want to keep what we do discreet, with the exception of Her friend Linda who knows about our relationship.

i did get a chance to chat with Paul and his wife which seemed a little awkward.  i did my very best not to give him even the slightest hint that i knew about him and Diane.  Diane was pleased with my effort.  She saw Paul this week and told me that he's very assured now that i suspect nothing about their affair.

Diane's best friend Linda was also at the party and was a big help to me. Linda's recently divorced and attended the party by herself.  She was the first to arrived and helped me with many things.  She was kind of a co-hostess for the party.  i'm glad the whole thing is over and happier that it was such a success.

i did get a chance to spend some time with Jake last Friday.  He left work early and it gave us a chance to spend nearly two hours together.  i had worked hard all day and was as caught up as i could
be.  The two hours we spent together were as intimate as any since i've known him.   At his suggestion, we ended up in bed together after i slipped into a pretty baby doll nightie.  Jake took charge, and really made me feel like a woman....a submissive woman.  I hope you catch my drift :)

i'm seeing Jake again tomorrow afternoon.  It will be the last time we see each other until the new year.  We won't see each other for two hours, but i'm going to do the best i can to make his time with me special!


sissy terri